Šeligová Markéta

Assistant Professor

Silesian University

School of Business Administration
Department of Finance and Accounting
Univerzitni nam. 1934/3
733 40 Karvina
Czech Republic

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+420 596 398 231


Markéta Šeligová graduated a Banking at the Business Administration, Silesian University in Karviná in 2014. From 2012 to 2014 she worked as a banking and financial adviser in Modrá pyramida, stavební spořitelna, a.s. in Karviná. Currently, she is an internal PhD student of the Department of Accounting and Finance SU OPF and also she works as a project officer at the labour office in Karviná. She leads seminars of finance company and finance.


Professional and research orientation:

Banking, financial analysis of banking sector, banking sector, credit market, the supply and availability of credit resources of banks