Paper by Jana Šimáková  "Cointegration Approach to the Estimation of the Long-Run Relations between Exchange Rates and Trade Balances in Visegrad Countries" has been published in journal Financial Assets and Investing. The full version is available on the website:


The International conferences on Economics and Social Sciences is held Budapest on  7-8 /12/2016. Our department is represented by Iveta Palečková who will deal there with the relationship between efficiency and rentability of commercial banks in selected CEE countries.


The paper by Petra Růčková "Impact of Selected Determinants on Capital Structure Management in Areas of Manufacturing and Services in Companies of Visegrad Group Countries" was just  published in the current issue of Journal of Applied Economic Sciences (Volume XI Issue7(45)_Winter2016) from the SCOPUS database. The paper is available online here:

The paper byJana Janoušková and Šárka Sobotovičová "Immovable property tax in the Czech Republic as an instrument of fiscal decentralization" was just  published in the current issue of impact journal Technological and Economic Development of Economy vol. 22, 2016, issue 6. The journal is available online here:


A special lecture on the topic “Financial Statement of Corporations after Amendment to the Accounting Act" was realized on Tuesday 8/11/2016 in the course Accounting of Corporations. Lecturer Ing. Jiří Rabiec from company PricewaterhouseCoopers Audit, Ltd. acquainted students of specialization Accounting and taxes not only with news in accounting legislation but also with changes, that have an impact on the audit and the audit profession.




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