Paper by Irena Szarowská was published in the latest issue (2/2017) of the Journal of International Studies. The journal is indexed in SCOPUS database.The full text of the paper "Does public R&D expenditure matter for economic growth?GMM approach" is free to download here:,en_does-public-rd-expenditure-matter-for-economic-growth


The WROFIN - Wroclaw Conference on Finance was held in Wroclaw on 13 - 14/09/2017. Jana Šimáková participated there with the contribution  "The Role of the Exchange Rates in the Stock Price Development of Companies in the Chemical Industry". More information about the conference can be found here:


MIRDEC 5th VIENNA, Conference on Social Science, Multidisciplinary and European Studies is held in Vienna on 12-14 September 2017.Our department is represented by Irena Szarowská who will deal there with the relationship between fiscal decentralization and economic growth in the Czech Republic. More information about conference and its program:

Comparative Economic Research (Scopus indexed) has just published an article by Tomáš Pražák and Daniel Stavárek "The Relationship Between Stock Market Development and Macroeconomic Fundamentals in the Visegrad Group". The key conclusion of the study is the empirical confirmation of the negative impact of macroeconomic variables changes on stock prices.The full text of the paper is available at


Papers by Irena Szarowská and Petra Růčková were published in the latest issue (39/2017) of the journal Scientific Papers of the University of Pardubice, Series D. The journal is indexed in SCOPUS database.The full text of the papers is free to download here:



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